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Dr. Michael Mosser teaches for the Department of Government, the International Relations and Global Studies Major, and the Center for European Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. He is a different kind of doctor than what you might be familiar with. He has what’s called a “Doctor of Philosophy” (PhD) in Political Science, which basically means he knows more about a tiny little sliver of the world than most people, and works hard to get that information across to his students in the clearest way possible. He loves getting up for work every day because the world never stops changing, and his job is to try to make sense of it. He focuses his teaching on European stuff in general, including European security and European environmental issues. He also does some research (learning every day, after all!) on things like European security organizations and new ways to understand how countries’ military forces (armies and navies and air forces, mostly) operate. He has been in Austin with his wife and daughter since 2009, after coming from Kansas and from Wisconsin before then. He loves living in Austin, but he’s still trying to get used to the heat.  

Videos Available from Dr. Mosser: The European Union